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Newspaper is vastly underestimated as a political vehicle. It doesn't have "rating points", but studies show that virtually all newspaper readers are voters. We have always found it to be a medium we can use without much competition – and we use it to great effect.

Our newspaper ads have dominated political awards for over 20-years.

Alaskans for Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay, home to the greatest remaining salmon fishery in the world, is in grave danger. One of the globe’s largest mining conglomerates wants to put an enormous open pit mine at the headwaters of the Bay. No large copper mine on earth has been developed without destroying the waters around it and no such mine has ever been developed in a place like Bristol Bay.
  Pebble Lady To my friends in Bristol Bay and
the Lake & Peninsula Borough

Alaska's Future

We created this group to educate Alaskans about the foolishness of higher taxes on the oil industry in a time of declining production. This campaign helped stop legislators from tripling oil production taxes.


We formed this group to fight a ballot initiative to impose a tax on gas reserves to force companies to develop them. These ads supported a powerful TV campaign, turning 80% public support to 80% opposition at the ballot box.

U.S. Senator Ted Stevens – newspaper

We handled the late Ted Stevens through five elections.

Republican Main Street Partnership

We produced these ads to impact the 2004 U.S. Senate battle between former Governor Tony Knowles and appointed U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski who was facing her first actual election.

Congressman Don Young

We produced print ads for Congressman Don Young for over two decades. While he has faced intensively competitive races, he often asked us to construct ads to help the overall Republican team.

Renewable Resources Coalition

We founded this group to start fighting the development of the largest open pit mine in America at the headwaters of the largest salmon fishery left on earth.

Alaska Wild Salmon Protection

We created this group as a direct counter-point to mining industry ads promoting the largest open pit mine in America at the headwaters of the largest salmon fishery left on earth.
Pebble Promises Don't Hold Water

ResourceFull Alaska


Independent Print ads

One of the strongest uses of print media is independent ads that are the most constitutionally protected. We have impacted many races with ads like these.
The Alaska State Senate
is lollygagging. The Clock is Ticking for Alaska's Pipeline