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Television Advertisements

Division of Elections

Dramatic juxtaposition of positions on controversial issues to drive voter involvement.

Republican State Leadership Committee

The Republican State Leadership Committee was targeting five races in Maine. We did both radio and TV and all five targeted races were successful.

U.S. Senator Ted Stevens

We handled U.S. Senator Ted Stevens through five elections from 1984 – 2008. We built Ted's TV around his remarkable stature and his remarkable accomplishments.


Democrat legislators had a ballot initiative imposing a huge tax on oil companies for gas reserves that remained untapped. This series of ads helped turn 80% public support for the tax to 80% opposition at the ballot box.

Renewable Resources Coalition

We founded this group in late 2005 to educate Alaskans about the dangers of the Proposed Pebble Mine, which would be the largest open pit mine in America at the headwaters of the largest salmon fishery left on earth.

Anchorage Times

We developed these feisty :10 second ads in the middle of a newspaper war to introduce a whole new look for a conservative daily paper.

Congressman Don Young

We have worked with Congressman Young for two decades through some extremely tough campaigns. Young has always prevailed by appealing to the down-to-earth sensibilities of Alaska voters.

Alaska’s Future

We created this group to educate Alaskans about the foolishness of raising taxes on oil and gas at a time production was declining rapidly. These ads helped keep oil production taxes from tripling.

American Crossroads

We were one of four producers for this Independent Expenditure group that was called the most influential of the 2010 cycle.

Alaska Wild Salmon Protection

We formed this group to directly confront the credibility of the Int’l mining conglomerates wanting to develop Pebble Mine. These ads have kept the mine from proceeding and built public opposition to the mine in a pro-development state.


S.A.F.E. was a pro-business Independent group operating prior to the 2002 elections. This ad was aimed to educate Alaskans about the track record of the Democratic candidate for Governor.